First Touch


First Touch Fitness is the optimal app on the market for fitness trainers. Designed to serve the unique needs of instructors and their athletes, First Touch has created a mobile app dedicated to simplifying communication and helping trainers further their clients’ fitness goals.

At First Touch, we know health and fitness is a lifestyle that lasts all year long. By choosing our mobile app, you stay connected with your clients at all times to ensure they get the most from your training, even on “cheat day.”

Even more, First Touch gives your athletes everything they need to achieve their goals right in the palm of their hands. Share performance metrics, before and after photos, nutrition plans, calendar events and more with a single swipe of a button.

Eliminate the hassle of juggling phone calls, voicemails, emails, and texts by directing all communication through First Touch Fitness. Send instant alerts, texts, photos, videos and documents to a single client, specific group, or all athletes with your custom-branded First Touch app.

First Touch Fitness is free to trial. Starting September 1, 2015, the app costs just $1 per member per year. No up front costs. No contract. No commitment.

Register here to get up and running on First Touch today, and see why First Touch Fitness is viewed as the gold standard in fitness and training apps